LINE2design Oxygen Nasal Cannula - Latex Free Infant Soft Silicone Tips Nasal Prongs with 7 ft Clear Tubing

SKU 66195

Soft Touch Tip Oxygen Nasal Cannula

LINE2design has developed a super soft oxygen nasal cannula to help minimize any discomfort, irritation or soreness a patient might develop from prolonged use. We offer medium to low concentration oxygen nasal cannulas that fit over the ear and fit directly into the nose with soft silicone tips for increase patient comfort.  All of the LINE2design oxygen nasal cannulas are individually packaged with a 7 foot clear crush proof supply tubing.  

  • Latex Free
  • Recommended Nasal Cannula Flow Rate: 1-6 LPM
  • 7 feet Clear, Crush Proof Tubing
  • Super Soft Silicone Tips
  • Easy to apply and Remove From Oxygen Regulators
  • Single Patient Use