Firefigheter GloveLeash2 - Reflective Green
Firefigheter GloveLeash2 - Reflective GreenFirefigheter GloveLeash2 - Reflective GreenFirefigheter GloveLeash2 - Reflective GreenFirefigheter GloveLeash2 - Reflective Green


The innovative Reflective GloveLeash2 will attach any size gloves to your turnouts or gear bag.  Simply place the strap around the gloves, use the quick release buckle, and pull D-ring to tighten adjustable strap; to release just pinch the buckle.  The highly reflective GL2 GloveLeash is made with durable, heavy duty nylon webbing, and the highest quality hook and loop available. This GloveLeash features a highly reflective trim, and industrial strength, all metal, black swivel snap hook that will attach to your turnout gear, belts or firefighter gear bags.  The extra-long 12 ½” leash will accommodate gloves of various sizes and types.  The GL2 GloveLeash was designed to accommodate firefighter’s thick and bulky gloves.




Heavy Duty Durable Webbing Strap►Firefighter Turnout Gear Glove strap has extra-long length 12 ½” on each side.
Bright and Reflective►Strong, heavy-duty 1” Fluorescent Lime Trim Reflective nylon webbing. Built to last, this will be the only glove holder you'll ever need.
Quick-Release Buckle►The fully adjustable, quick-release buckle and highest quality Snap Swivel Hook & loop available. Industrial strength all metal, black, swivel snap hook.
Ideal Design►LINE2design work glove strap is ideal & designed for firefighters, EMTs, construction workers, and mechanics.
Colors►Reflective Lime Green.






















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