LINE2design - 4 Wheel Deluxe Heavy Duty Evacuation Stair Chair in Yellow

SKU 70002-Y

The LINE2design EMS Deluxe Heavy Duty Emergency Evacuation 4-Wheel Stair Chair has an extra sturdy 2” tubular welded frame in bright yellow for easy visibility. 

✔ Durable The Stair Chair comes with a heavy duty black all-impervious vinyl seat and back rest that is durable and easy to clean.  

✔ Heavy Duty Safety A heavy duty, 2” cross-body, quick release restraint straps provide extra safety to the patient during transport and while moving up or down stairs. 

✔ Ease of Use Two 4.5” rear wheels and two 3.5” swivel front wheels for easier transportation on most surfaces

✔ Comfort The foot rest and four wheels allow comfortable transportation on flat surfaces. The front and back handles provide easier handling, the back 2 handles are used to support the chair while moving the patient, the back handles are non-locking and used for upward lift. The front two handles on the evacuation stair chair, telescope out to 14 ¼”, and lock into place to provide the best possible leverage when lifting the patient. 

When transporting a patient up and down stairs always use two trained operators with the Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Evacuation Stair Chair.


Model # 70002-Y
Height: 41”
Width: 21 ½ “
Length: 31”
Weight: 22 lbs
Max. Load: 400 lbs

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